How it Works

How Our Service Works


We are an online farmers market that specializes in home delivery of fresh produce and grocery items. We pride ourselves on our high quality and dedication to customer service.  Established in 2002.

Currently we delivery to Guelph each Wednesday and all other areas are Thursday.  We require no deposits, sign up fees or commitments. You only order when you would like a delivery.  Easy !


  • Join up on our website.
  • Receive an email each Friday with a notification that ordering has begun.
  • If you would like a delivery, submit an order by Monday at 1:00pm.
  • Pay online or send in an e-transfer.
  • You don't need to be home to receive your delivery.
  • Our delivery driver will drop off an insulated tote containing your items. We deliver all year.
  • Return the tote and packing items with your next order.
  • Enjoy your fresh groceries!
You can create your own personalized shopping list for future orders,  Click on any item then simply press "Add to Shopping List" .
 Organic and Local fruits are our first priority.  We also list conventional options when there is a availability issue or pricing concern.  We source from the best growers we can find. Please send us an email If you ever receive something you are not satisfied with. We will gladly issue you a credit.