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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

How do I sign-up?

Getting started is easy with Homefield Food Co. Click the "Join Us" button on the homepage.. With only a few questions, we'll have you registered for our home deliveries.                         

Is there a membership fee?

No! Unlike some direct-to-home suppliers, we do not require a membership fee or any deposits. 

When do I get billed?

We charge you at the time of your order on the website. You’ll get an email confirming the total bill and listing all the items in your delivery.

Do I have to commit to a regular order?

Absolutely not. Once you join you will receive our weekly listing/newsletter. You only order when you would like a delivery for that week.

Is my delivery day the same each week?

Yes. Depending on your neighbourhood, we delivery during a usual time window 8:30am-5pm. However, weather and other factors may vary. Your order is packed in a insulated cooler, to make sure everything stays fresh and crisp.

How do I pay?

E-Transfer, credit card or cash are accepted. With e-transfer please submit immediately after you place your order. If using cash payment please have it ready and at the predetermined delivery location spot or unfortunately we can't leave your order on delivery day.

Is there a minimum order?

There is no minimum order but there is a $6.00 packing and delivery fee with each order. If you purchase over $100 then there is no delivery fee.


Can I shop throughout the week?

The ordering window is between Friday afternoon when you receive the weekly listing and Monday at 1:00pm. After that the website will not accept orders. This is due to our dairy wholesaler requiring us to have our order into them by Monday afternoon. You can browse our site at anytime though.

What if I'm unhappy with an item in my order?

We've got you covered. If somethings not right, just let us know. We'll refund you for that item. !00% guarantee. Please let us know as it helps us build a better business.

There's a product I love that you don't carry?

Just email us to let us know and we can see if we can add it on to our website.

How do I create a never send list?

If you are purchasing a mixed produce box and don't want one of the listed items then just add a note in the "notes" box that is available when submitting your order.

I need to changes my order  and now the deadline is passed. Can you help?

Of course! Send an email and we’ll do our best to change or add items to your order.

Can I make a standing order?

Wish Lists! Use this wonder feature to create a favorites list of items you like to order. You can visit this list quickly, and add those items to your order. You do have to submit your order each week though. No standing orders are available. We require you to submit your order each week.

What is the Wish List ?

This feature allows you to create a shopping list of items you order regularly. That way you don't have to search through or website each time you order. You just access your wish list and pick the items you need for delivery. Easy!

How do I update my payment information?

In My Account – click the link that says “Contact & Billing Info” and you’ll see a field to update your payment info.



How does my first delivery go?

We will leave your first delivery in the pre-arranged spot that you indicate on your join-up. After that you just leave the bin and delivery items (insulated bags, ice packs etc) in that same delivery spot for our driver to pick up when he leaves the next delivery.

What day will you deliver?

Depends on your postal code – you can find the likely delivery day for your postal code here. When you sign-up, we'll tell you which day we think you’ll receive your order, but our customer service team will look at your account within 24 hours of sign-up and get back to you if the delivery day is different from what it says on registration.

What time will you deliver?

Between 8:30am and 5 pm. Your delivery will generally be the same time each week and just depends on where you fall in our driver's route.

Do you deliver to condos and apartments?

Absolutely. We actually have several options when it comes to delivering to apartment/condo buildings, so hopefully we can find a strategy which works for you!

1) If you are able to remotely buzz the driver in, that’s obviously the easiest solution if you’re not home at the time of delivery (and then leave your bin in front of your apartment door).

2) Many customers are able to provide us with an extra key to the building, so we can let ourselves in and then leave your bin in front of your apartment door.

3) If you have a concierge or building security, or a willing landlord or neighbour on the premise, we can either leave the bin with them or contact them to let us in.

4) We can leave the bin outside (or in a lobby or mail room if there is such an accessible place). We rarely have problems (sometimes pick a discrete location like a bush or bench), we guarantee our deliveries 100%, so if it is stolen we would fully credit you and do our best to redeliver.

5) If none of the above options work for you just email us and we’ll do our best to problem solve. We can be flexible!

What if I’m not home when you deliver?

No problem. Most of our customers aren’t home for delivery. We deliver your order to your doorstep or your preferred location. Your deliver comes in an insulated rubbermaid container. These containers help moderate the temperature of your order. You’ll have fresh groceries at your door when you arrive home!

How can I change my address if I’ve moved?

Easy! Go to the My Account section and click on “Delivery and Billing Info” (or email/  we can help out).


Our Food

Where does your food come from?

Since 2002, we've worked with many local farms and suppliers. Please visit our suppliers page to learn more about a selection of our suppliers.

Is everything certified organic?

Organic is our top priority but chemical free options and small farm local options are also available. We have an icon on these items to indicate these specifics.

How long is your produce in the warehouse?

We aim to have produce arrive as fresh as possible before your delivery. Some items like bread are made the morning of your delivery. Freshness is a huge focus so we get things to you as soon as we possibly can.

How should I store food to keep it lasting longer?

Here’s some general rules:

1. If your produce spoils after just a few days, you might be storing incompatible fruits and veggies together. Those that give off high levels of ethylene gas—a ripening agent—will speed the decay of ethylene-sensitive foods. Keep the two separate.

2. Never refrigerate potatoes, onions, winter squash or garlic. Keep them in a cool, dark, dry cabinet, and they can last up to a month or more. But separate them so their flavours and smells don't migrate.

3. With the exception of leafy greens, fresh fruits and vegetables should not be washed before storing. Washing will hasten deterioration of the produce. It is best to wash produce just before preparation or eating.

4. Refrigerate fruits and vegetables in perforated plastic bags to help maintain moisture yet provide air flow. You can use a knife to make several small holes in a food-grade plastic bag.

5. Do you want some of your fruits to ripen faster (avocado – we’re looking at you)? Place the fruit in a paper bag with an apple or banana and soon that fruit will be ripe enough to eat.


My Account

How do I find the My Account section?

Click on the menu bar on the top left of the page after logging-in. You should see “My Account” as one of the first options in the drop-down menu.

How do I change my account information?

Click the "My Account" section in order to change your personal information, delivery preferences, credit card info and much more.

How do I quit your service?

We hate to see you go! But if you are leaving us just send us an email and we can swing by to pick up the delivery bin and any related delivery items.


How do I cancel my order?

If you need to cancel please email us and let us know as soon as you can. There is no penalty for these circumstances.